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Over the last 200 years in which F A Albin & Sons has been in business, we’ve seen a lot change. Once overwhelmingly popular practices offered by funeral directors are less dominant, and there’s a lot of choice when it comes to services. For example, the vast majority of funeral homes and funeral parlours find that traditional burials are becoming increasingly rare. The stats support this, showing that just 17% of people around Bexley (an area we’re popular within) and the wider UK wanting a traditional burial.


Funeral directors have also found that people are increasingly valuing funeral personalization, where as years ago, people had more traditional values. In fact, 49% of Brits think that when planning services at funeral homes or funeral parlours, it’s important to customise elements like food, music, type of celebration etc. Another trend is that 54% of people come to funeral directors wanting services to be a celebration of life, as opposed to anything too morbid and sombre. Being Bexley’s go-to for funerals of all types, we’ve kept abreast of these changes, and ensure we can always cater to people’s wishes.


Why Celebrant Funerals Are Becoming Increasingly Popular


But why exactly are celebrant funerals becoming so popular not just in Bexley, but worldwide? The key reason we find is that relatives of the deceased find a more positive and upbeat spin comforting, especially if they were not a religious person. It’s a way of sharing memories and paying homage to the life of someone you love, within the structure of funerals, which carry weight and tradition.


By placing the focus on life rather than death, funerals become something like a highlight reel, comparable to the famous British television show “This is Your Life”.  These opportunities are rarely afforded in traditional funerals staged around Bexley, which usually follow a religious structure, where God is celebrated rather than the individual (although accomplishing both is completely possible, and our funeral directors can help you do so if that’s your aim).


Planning Celebrant Funerals


When Bexley residents visit our funeral homes or funeral parlours with the aim of planning celebrant funerals, we always stress the importance of personalization. A loved one’s favourite music could be played, either by a live band or on a CD player, and decoration or flowers in their favourite colour can be employed to create a suitable environment. Going further, their favourite food could be served, and certain key belongings included within the service. Find cherished photographs and put them on display, which can be great talking points and even trigger a Proustian “madeleine” moment.


Other celebrant practices are already enshrined within traditional funeral customs, like placing an epitaph on a headstone (should a traditional burial be requested). If it all sounds a bit much and you’re struggling to think of ways in which you can personalise a service, or if the above sounds like the kind of service you’d like yourself, visit one of our six funeral homes / funeral parlours, all of which are within easy reach of Bexley. Our funeral directors will help you every step of the way as you plan or pre-plan a beautifully bespoke celebrant service.


Want to discuss one of the services offered by our funeral parlours and funeral homes near Bexley? Give our funeral directors a call on 020 7237 3637.