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Pre-planning from Your Trusted Funeral Directors in Lewisham

One option our funeral directors offer residents of Lewisham and surrounding Kent and London locales is funeral pre-planning. This might seem morbid, to start detailing the intricacies of funerals far in advance, but there are many reasons where pre-planning is a great idea. In our latest blog post, the F A Albin & Sons team has looked to go over them. If you’d like to discuss pre-planning options with us, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7237 3637. We have a number of funeral homes and funeral parlours positioned around the Lewisham area, so it won’t be much of a journey if you opt for pre-planning and need to come in and speak with us in person.


5 Great Reasons to Pre-plan Funerals


Pre-planning eases the burden on your family. If you die without any concrete plans in place for your service, your next of kin will be put in the tricky position of having to plan everything themselves. They’ll have to visit funeral homes / funeral parlours and consider whether you would have wanted an open or closed casket, a burial or cremation, what kind of headstone you’d have wanted, and other details like music and catering. Many Lewisham residents find that speaking with funeral directors to pre-plan funerals gives them peace of mind, knowing that there won’t be hassle or stress placed on their loved ones after they pass, which often times manifests itself as disagreements or arguments between family members.


Pre-planning funerals takes care of the financial aspect. There are many costs associated with funerals, and it’s possible to spend a lot of money on an extravagant service if you so wish. Likewise, it’s possible to have funeral homes or funeral parlours organise something more low-key, which minimises costs. However much you want spent on your service, most agree that figuring out the details ahead of time is wise. After all, you wouldn’t want all the financial responsibility to fall on your family members.


Pre-planning funerals ensures they’re profound and meaningful. Funerals serve a vital purpose, giving loved ones time and an appropriate space in which to grieve. As a result, they need to be appropriate and tailored to both the deceased and their family. This will ensure they are profound, meaningful and a therapeutic/cathartic experience for all attendees. It would be a shame for family members to walk away feeling that the service was generic and didn’t accurately portray their loved one, as this would not be conducive to the grieving process.


Pre-planning funerals ensures your last wishes are adhered to. The vast majority of Lewisham residents have a number of last wishes they’d like to see carried out. Whether it’s being buried in a certain location, being cremated, or having a religious/non-religious ceremony. It’s our funeral directors task to figure out these wishes and ensure that they’re enacted. We’ve attended to beautiful funerals in and around Lewisham where every single detail has been managed, from the food and drink on offer to the route the pallbearers take. You may find when sitting down at one of our funeral homes or funeral parlours, that you have many more last wishes than you initially thought!


Pre-planning funerals offers self-sufficiency while you’re still compos mentis. Few can predict how they’ll pass, unless terminally ill, for example. But oftentimes, as age advances, the mind deteriorates. It can therefore be very difficult to plan all the elements of funerals accurately, when not long for this world. Visiting one of our funeral homes or funeral parlours near Lewisham is an opportunity to ensure you are of sound mind when deciding how your service will look. And don’t be daunted by this prospect, our funeral directors have been guiding people through the process for over 200 years now.


Decided that pre-planning funerals is the right idea for you? Call F A Albin & Sons on 020 7237 3637. We’re time-served funeral directors with multiple funeral homes near Lewisham.