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Services Including Dignified Funerals in Lewisham, Bexley & Bromley

We have established a reputation for providing dignified funerals for families all across Lewisham, Bexley, Sydenham and Bromley from our many funeral parlours in London and Kent. When we provide funeral services we take care of everything, so that you have time and space to grieve and are not subjected to needless stress.


Below we have touched on a few services that our funeral homes provide. We don’t just focus on what it is we provide, however. We take special care to ensure that our funeral directors are always caring and considerate when corresponding with the bereaved. Our team is acutely aware that everyone deals with loss in different ways, and that losing a family member or friend can be a very distressing experience. That’s why staff at our funeral homes will always treat you in a compassionate and understanding manner.


Services we provide:

statueChapels of Rest - All our funeral parlours are equipped with chapels of rest. They are a comfortable space in which you can spend time with your loved one after their funerals. Our chapels serve all religious denominations, and can be visited during our opening hours without pre-booking. If you are looking for a chapel of rest in the Lewisham, Bexley, Sydenham or Bromley areas, then look no further.

DovesDoves - Our funeral directors can provide white doves for funerals. The birds, which symbolise peace and love, are often used as a traditional, symbolic gesture at funeral services. Their release symbolises the spirit leaving the body and is a truly breath-taking, memorable sight.

CakesCatering - Family and friends will often gather following funerals. Whether this is at a pub, hotel or family home, we can provide catering. We have a selection of menus to suit all needs and budgets, from sandwich and cake selections to a comprehensive menu of cooked premium dishes and specialities.

FlowersFloral Tributes - Our funeral homes can liaise with a network of personal florists to create stunning floral tributes. F A Albin & Sons’ funeral directors only work with the most reputable florists in Bexley, Sydenham, Bromley and Lewisham, so you can be sure you’ll receive a wonderful floral tribute to truly personalise a funeral service.


MasonryMasonry – Cemetery and home memorials are a tangible reminder of a family member or friend’s legacy and can prove comforting to the bereaved. Our showroom on 65 Mottingham Road in South East London has a number of examples of the types of memorial we have provided in the past. This location has strong transport links to most areas in Lewisham, Bromley, Sydenham and Bexley, as do our funeral parlours. Whether it’s a simple plaque or an extremely ornate memorial, we can provide something to suit your needs and budget. For existing monuments, our funeral directors offer additional inscription, polishing and cleaning services.

MusicMusic – It is important to ensure that the music played during funerals is both comforting to attendees, and would have been enjoyed by the deceased. The music could be played live or as a recording, it’s really down to you. If you’re looking to hire musicians, then we are able to arrange professional choirs, organists, harpists, Irish and Scottish pipers, violinists and a range of other instrumentalists. If you’re unsure of what songs you would like played at a service, our funeral directors can suggest songs that have been played and well received at past funerals. Among the most popular songs that are requested are traditional hymns, classical pieces and modern ballads. Call us or stop in at one of our funeral parlours in the Bexley, Lewisham, Sydenham or Bromley areas for more information on how to select and source music for a service.

Black carPhotos and Video – Our funeral directors can provide videographers and photographers with ample experience chronicling funerals. We can create a film using a mixture of video footage, photography and your choice of music, providing a record of the day for all time.

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• Beautiful Home and Cemetery Memorials

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• Sympathetic and Compassionate Client Care from Experienced Funeral Directors



For more information on the services our funeral directors provide, call 020 7237 3637. We have funeral parlours dotted around the Sydenham, Bexley, Lewisham and Sydenham areas.