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Dealing with grief can seem incredibly difficult. At times you might think you’ll never feel the same way again. But rest assured, everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. In the direct aftermath of loved ones passing away, there’s a lot that needs to be done. Not least, planning and preparing funerals. This is where our funeral directors come in. F A Albin & Sons, which operates six funeral homes and funeral parlours nearby Sydenham in Kent and London, is here to help you organise a bespoke service that will give your loved one the send-off that they deserve.


What Are the Five Stages of Grief?


To work as funeral directors, our staff are trained to understand grief and assist the bereaved in every way possible. They’re familiar with the five different stages of guilt as identified by acclaimed Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, which we’ve looked to detail below:


Denial – After the death there will likely be an initial reaction of shock, even if it was a result of a short to long-term illness. Many find it hard to accept that the person has passed, which characterises the first step of “denial”.


Anger – You may feel the urge to channel anger toward the departed, the situation generally, family-members or doctors. This is natural, but it’s important not to lash out violently and to verbalise your anger rationally, allowing you to work through it.


Bargaining – This stage is often characterised, if you are religious, with pleas to a greater power. Others find themselves asking a lot of questions about whether doing certain things or not doing certain things may have changed the outcome.


Depression – The most common symptom of loss is depression, a complete and often all-encompassing feeling of sadness or emptiness. Many find themselves struggling to get up out of bed and to go about daily routines. While this is very normal, it’s important that this depression not impact your own health. Seek help from friends, family or a doctor if your depression is particularly overwhelming.


Acceptance – Eventually, the vast majority of Sydenham residents dealing with loss come to accept their loved one’s passing. This doesn’t mean you won’t miss them, it just means that you’ll be able to get on with your life, with plenty opportunity to remember them fondly.


Keep in mind that not everyone experiences the stages in this order, and some Sydenham residents dealing with the loss of a friend or family member won’t experience certain stages at all. But by being aware of the psychology of grief, staff at our funeral homes and funeral parlours can ensure the experience of our clients is a comfortable one. And this is one of the many reasons why our funeral directors have stayed in the industry for over 200 years.


How Funeral Directors Help the Bereaved Deal With Grief


Our funeral directors fulfil an essential part of the grieving process for a number of reasons. Funerals present an opportunity to see your loved one in the flesh for the last time, which often can drive home the reality of the situation and help you come to terms with it. Funeral homes and funeral parlours can also help with the religious/spiritual aspect of death, especially if the deceased had particularly strong faith. We can ensure that all the ceremonial burial practices of their respective religion are carried out, while ensuring any personal, non-religious aspects are seamlessly integrated.


Another big part of how our funeral directors assist you is by organising as much of the service as possible, because you should be free to grieve and not have to be burdened with unnecessary stresses. Our funeral homes and funeral parlours can also have a monument or memorial built and placed in the name of your loved one, which gives you a place to visit near Sydenham when you need to grieve and feel in touch with your dearly departed.


Our funeral directors have been organising funerals of all types and denominations for long-time Sydenham residents. Need to speak with us? Call 020 7237 3637.