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Caring & Considerate Funeral Homes in Sydenham

F A Albin & Sons are funeral directors with 200 years of history operating in and around the Sydenham area. Over this period our funeral parlours have helped plan and carry out countless funerals, with our compassionate staff providing care and support for clients every step of the way.


On this page we’ve looked to answer some of the questions our funeral homes most commonly receive, but do not hesitate to contact us if your query is not featured below, whether it’s regarding funerals themselves or a related service that we offer.


What do I do if a family member or friend passes on?

Contacting your funeral director is always a good option. They can provide advice on how to proceed and provide you with details for all relevant authorities that need contacting. The death registration process differs depending on where the deceased was when they passed on. If the deceased was in hospital, the process is slightly different to it having been at home or at a nursing home. There’s no need to panic, though. If you are in urgent need of a helping hand to guide you through death registration, our funeral homes in F A Albin & Sons are always at the end of a phone.


How do I know what type of funeral to request?

Funerals are never entirely uniform. When speaking with funeral directors you should inform them if your loved one had any specific wishes for their ceremony. If they didn’t specify the type of funeral they would want, then keeping in mind their religious beliefs and personal tastes is important. A jazz-loving Humanist would probably not be so keen on a Christian service heavy on hymns, for example.


When visiting funeral homes to discuss what you are looking for from a service, funeral directors will provide you with advice and can make suggestions as to the type of funeral that may befit both the deceased and bereaved. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that the compassionate staff at our funeral parlours in Sydenham are on hand to help.


This is the first time I have had to deal with bereavement, can you help?

F A Albins & Sons has a team of bereavement specialists available to help counsel those in Sydenham who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Grieving has been described as a thirteen month illness, as you have to pass through occasions and anniversaries without the company of the late family member or friend. The four stages of grief have been labelled numbness, denial, deprivation and depression, and they can be challenging for both those who have not had to deal with a significant loss before, as well as those who have.


Our bereavement team assists families by providing access to advice, services, resources and professional support, before, during and after funerals. It also utilises its expertise by providing bereavement awareness training to staff at insurance companies, embassies, hospitals and other such institutions.


Can you provide help with will writing?

Yes, our funeral homes offer a free will writing service in Sydenham which helps simplify the arrangement of funerals, as well as the division of estate. If it is an especially complex will that needs drawing up, then our funeral directors will recommend a solicitor to assist. However, our in-house experts at our funeral parlours can help you draw up a simple will which covers the appointment of executors, the appointment of guardians, property division and personal bequests.


Searching for experienced and respectful funeral directors in the Sydenham area? Call F A Albin & Sons on 020 7237 3637. We have multiple funeral homes in the area.